Kurt von Behrmann is a fine artist in the Phoenix, AZ area. The goal for his site was to represent his artwork and his style. His website is a venue for showing off his work and the unique style he has developed in his career.

The Behrmann Art site is a living resume for this clients and potential clients to view. Reviews of his shops, samples of his work, videos he has created and his resume can all be found on this site.

The site is a valuable tool for promoting his work an his future client list.




Grasshopper was created for a local lawn care business that wanted to develop a site that would be used for promoting their business.

A playful site using mulch for navigation buttons and their original logo were used in a fun way with grass borders and a clean blue sky.

In the winter this site will be altered to promote their snow removal business.


Rowe Sports Complex is a new business in the area who wanted to have their new ball fields listed on the internet.

All game schedules and contact information is a must for this active site.

It is their first year and we will be working with them to expand their viewers.


Thompson's Guns has been in business for quite a while. They were wanted to have a presence on the internet so potential customers could easily find them.

The play of a target for the background was used to play up the theme of guns. A rich black background with the customers traditional red was used to create a professional feel.


This local greenhouse has been in business for many years, however, they were seeing a drastic drop in sales with the economy down turn. So they thought it was a good time to create a website they never had before so customers would know what's going on at the greenhouses.

Customers know when they are open, when sales are going on and are connecting to the website and their FaceBook page with an ongoing growth of communication regarding the greenhouses. Email blast were used to keep intouch with new and valued customers. All of these venues helped support a banner year this year.


Stony Run is a locally owned and operated trucking business. They lease trucks to deliver their customers products. Specializing in serving customers that are seeking liquid chemical and dry bulk transportation.

This customer wanted someone to take over their existing site and make updates and corrections to it - then to go forward with maintaining the site and expanding its exposure on the internet.

When you take over a site that was created by another you have to take it apart anf examine it to see how they created it, how the graphics were drawn, how things were applied. Sometimes they are easy to read and other times you have to basically redevelop the site because of the way the person created it. That is all part of the challenge when taking on someone else’s work.



The Oxford Community Foundation provides grants to improve their community. Their website is their tool for providing information. They promote and sustain community enrichment programs in the city of Oxford, Ohio.

Their site was completely recreated from top to bottom keeping their flavor from their original site.

This site is in ongoing development we are always improving its function.

I was very pleased to be apart of such a wonderful community. Oxford is one of my favorite places to visit.


Dr. Mark McClure was looking for exposure for all of his many avenues of interests. McClure has been a chiropractor for more than 30 years but he also is involved in:

Health Insurance
Dental Plans
Nutritional Health
Veterinary Chiropractic
DOT Testing

This was a newly designed site he did not have any presence on the internet prior to this website. It was a major challenge to develope a site that easily manuvers you to all his different offerings. Check out the site you will see how you can find everything quickly.


Butler county township websites were in seach of a new home. Orignally developed and maintained by Miami University but in 2012 Miami had announced they would not be maintaining or hosting any of the township sites anymore.

Wayne Township was one of many of the sites I took over after they were dropped from Miami University. I was excited to take on all the sites. Each one had their own individual styles and issues.

These township sites are a great communication vehical for them to provide important information to their residence. Their material is usually very timly and needs to be updated quickly.



Stonelick Township is another one of the Butler County websites that were maintained by Miami University. Each site is unique to their township.


EAS Sportswear is a locally owned and operated custom apparel manufacture.

The wanted a presence on the internet to represent their store front and to bring in new business.

I would highly recommend using them their apparel is of the upmost highest quality and they stand behind their work. Check out what they can do for you review samples of their work online.



Madison Township was a fun site to create using their signature red and mohawk feather. This township website is highly functioning using email communications to their recidence and working their website to fully communicate all they need to let their people know what is going on in their part of the world.

They have voting polls, a community bulletin board and are always wanting to improve and add new sections to their site. It is always a growing and working site.


St. Clair Township is another one of the Butler County websites that were maintained by Miami University. Each site is unique to their township.


Hartford Township is another one of the Butler County websites that were maintained by Miami University. Each site is unique to their township.


Hanover Township is another one of the Butler County websites that were maintained by Miami University. Each site is unique to their township.


Harrison Township is another one of the Butler County websites that were maintained by Miami University. Each site is unique to their township.


RA Clark Mechanical has been performing service calls in the greater northeastern Ohio area providing quality workmanship for the residential and commercial market.

Their is nothing you can't call R.A. Clark Mechanical for - they do it all and get the job done right the first time. They believe in traditional values of quality work and services to meet the customers needs.


Walnut Grove is a swim club who wanted an updated look for their site. I played around with what they already had going and added some fun flair with a water background. This site is used for providing useful information to their members. The site is clean and easy to navigate.


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